Competition can drive desperation

Just as I promised – something for the weekend!!

I also said that I’d address the HP/Neoview farce at some stage but I don’t have to because Shawn Rogers – see link, has done a fabulous job for me – thanks Shawn.

Competition can drive desperation

Forty years ago, when I was just a boy, when you opened a bank account it was invariably the same bank as your dad used (and by the way, your mum didn’t have a bank account in those days). To open the account it was necessary to prove to the bank manager that you were an honest citizen, a process that often needed a letter of reference from your doctor or even better, a local clergyman.

What about today? All of this has changed and when my boy first opened an account a couple of years ago, the bank actually gave him his first fifty pounds. Now, of course, if you have to go to church and meet the priest every time you want to change banks, my guess is that you will be pretty loyal. However, if the bank gives you fifty pounds to open an account then I can see why my boy wants to open a few more! The point is that in today’s economy loyalty is disappearing faster than the tropical rain forest in South America.

With all these major forces acting at once on an enterprise is it any wonder that practices born over time need a very quick refresh, that huge and inflexible companies are going out of business and that companies with new and appropriate practices grow incredibly fast?

Throw in on top of the pressures and changes already mentioned:

  • The pervasiveness of the internet
  • 3G mobile services
  • Ever changing national boundaries
  • The Euro, NATO, European Union
  • Political correctness
  • The need to be green
  • Religious unrest
  • Global warming

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I'm a consultant in the field of Business Intelligence and have been since the mid 80's which gives you some idea of my age! I'm priviledged to have held senior positions with Teradata, Oracle, Hp and EMC. I have an English son and a Swedish daughter seperated by some 18 years which is another type of welcome challenge!
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