Good article from Christopher Baum on HP


This is a little break from my normal BI dialogue but here’s an interesting link from Software Advice about my old company HP and their likely acquisition targets.

Of course, the author forgot Vertica which is a bit of a problem but it’s an interesting read anyway.

However, the following paragraph is somewhat irrational:

Conventional relational databases, including Oracle and SQL, are not the future. One of the compelling reasons for relational databases is to reduce storage requirements by minimizing data reducing. This was valid when storage prices were high but with street prices for terabyte drives as low as $60, the price of storage is no longer a consideration.

This expresses an opinion that has absolutely no supportive evidence and to suggest that a compelling reason for RDBMS was to reduce data storage is simply not true. Never in 30 years have I heard that one

Still, as I said, it’s a good read and makes you wonder just how big HP can get

Read more:

Thanks Christopher Baum


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