Oh dear – all is not well….

So, the above experience was pretty good, but certainly not typical of everyone. MBNA is a massive credit card company and one that I’ve had issues with before. Recently I decided to change my credit card to one managed by MBNA simply because it gives you airline miles. I duly got my first bill from them and put it in my draw mistakenly believing that I had arranged to pay it by direct debit as I do whenever I get the chance.

I drive a Land Rover and at today’s prices you can fit a cool £80 of petrol into it and that’s just what I did one Saturday. Giving my card to the cashier I was pretty alarmed that it was not being accepted (as was the cashier) – I had no explanation and no other cards and I tell you, things were getting heated! Anyway, I solved the problem by leaving my mobile with the garage as collateral (yet another use for the ubiquitous mobile phone), returning home for cash then coming back to settle the business.

Just as previously I had left Vodafone smiling, I left that garage pretty frustrated and angry. Anyway, what happened next turned frustration into boiling anger. I phoned the MBNA call centre (which is probably somewhere on the moon by now) to be met with a perfectly charming voice. I explained my predicament and she calmly said that I had not settled the minimum payment from last month so the card had been stopped – just like that, so calm, so confident I nearly pulled my hair out! Anyway, the amount owed, £32? It’s ironic that instead of using my mobile phone as collateral against a tank full of petrol if MBNA has actually used it to warn me of the situation then this pretty unsavoury incident would not have happened.

So, what went wrong here? Well the culmination of many things that we will discuss later but clearly MBNA have an opportunity to utilise data to understand their customers a little better.

So, have a go yourself. Next week take a note of the things that happen to you and rate them as good, bad or ugly. Then have a go at trying to explain why these things happened and how the use of data and information could have influenced these events. Put some ideas on this blog – please!


About bibongo

I'm a consultant in the field of Business Intelligence and have been since the mid 80's which gives you some idea of my age! I'm priviledged to have held senior positions with Teradata, Oracle, Hp and EMC. I have an English son and a Swedish daughter seperated by some 18 years which is another type of welcome challenge!
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