Key Business Opportunities for the Data Warehouse

There are many Business Opportunities that can be enhanced by using a Data Warehouse such as:

  •  Revenue accounting
  •  Revenue assurance
  •  Yield management
  •  Operational costing
  •  Maintenance and engineering
  •  Fraud tracking
  •  Product packaging
  •  Parcel tracking
  •  Pricing and re-tariffing
  •  Load balancing
  •  Financial reporting       
  •  Tracking    
  •  Demand planning
  •  Location planning         


Perhaps my favourite is analysing the supply chain. Billions of dollars are spent every year in automating and understanding supply chain dynamics, but still the consumer – the one at the end of the chain – is subjected to goods out of stock, planes and hotel rooms that are full and out-of-date products on the shelves. Why is this? Well there are many reasons, not the least of which is that a full supply chain for any product on the market today is a very complex ‘thing’. Consider that when you eat an olive bought from Sainsbury’s today, the whole chain that enables you to have that pleasure possibly started years ago with someone negotiating with an olive grower in Greece. Supply chains are nearly always very complex, often involving many companies, often reaching over many countries, and are often long-winded in terms of time. This complexity ensures that the data needed to smooth the workings of the chain’s integral parts is distributed in many systems and cannot be shared in any reasonable way. The result? Guesswork as to what should be planned, what should be manufactured, when it should be distributed, where, how and who will buy it at what price and when. You can see why supply chain management and analysis is a key application for a Data Warehouse.


About bibongo

I'm a consultant in the field of Business Intelligence and have been since the mid 80's which gives you some idea of my age! I'm priviledged to have held senior positions with Teradata, Oracle, Hp and EMC. I have an English son and a Swedish daughter seperated by some 18 years which is another type of welcome challenge!
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