My intension is to build a blog that is very informative to everyone involved or interested in Business Intelligence. My plan is to regularly post paragraphs which either read independently, or as a story, and add real value to anyone who cares about the subject. Initially I’m going to use some material from my book – ‘Building a Business Intelligence Architecture Fit For the 21st Century’ which is available on Amazon and elsewhere and will soon be out as an e-book but that’s not all. I want to augment the blogs with real everyday experiences and of course answer any comments posted. My plan is to discuss some general business issues regarding BI in the first month or so before covering specific subjects which will include BI Strategy, Data Governance and organisations, roles and responsibilities. I’m committed to this and will do my best to update the blog at least weekly.

No matter who says different it is clear to anyone with deep insight into this industry, my industry, the Business Intelligence Industry, that we are going nowhere fast. The industry is led by vendors who drag their feet at every opportunity quite happy to be paid huge amounts for very little effort or innovation so there are several things I want to achieve with this blog:

Firstly, we must realise that today we have a ‘Business Intelligence Problem’. We are all running our businesses based on very, very poor quality information even though most of us have spent millions of pounds trying to improve this facet of our daily lives.

Secondly, I want to help people understand what the problem actually is. It’s really no one’s fault we are where we are today because looking back, there really was no alternative. I do believe however, that understanding why we are here should help us understand ways out of our predicament.

Thirdly, we will start the cure by understanding that a major problem, if not the major problem is the disjoint between what we call the business and the IT world. This disjoint must be identified and discarded and new relationships forged by using proven techniques in which we will link Corporate Strategy to our new ideas in Business Intelligence Strategy.

Fourthly, we must cast our attention back to a key process, turning data into information and we must buy into new ways of deploying technology that helps rather than hinders this process.

I’ve chosen this blog format in the hope that people will post constructive criticism for discussion because I haven’t got all the answers by any means. I’m learning all the time and to encourage responses I have tended to be a bit radical and will continue to do so. I have a plan but like many things, it’s open for change as time passes and things happen in the industry. Only time will help and your help will be invaluable.

Note: if you’re interested in the pebble icon I’ll explain in some weeks time!!


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  1. Despina says:

    Love the blog Jon, great job! Thanks for sharing your BI knowledge as we all definitely need it. As for the pebbles, it sure does remind me of Greece!

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