White Papers

These papers are for your use – do with them what you will!

Paper One: A Time For Change:

More so than ever before, corporations are understanding that their key asset is their existing customer base and that it can be a far more effective strategy keeping these people happy and thus engaging in a mutually beneficial relationship, than trying to induce new customers to the fold.


Paper Two:  Campaign Optimisation: This paper discusses the end to end process of marketing and the role that technology provides as the key enabler.

Campaign Optimisation

Paper Three:  Understanding the Nature of Detailed Data: With the advent of Data Warehousing and its widespread  Datauptake throughout Europe, this paper examines the nature of data in terms of its major characteristics and answers the question: ‘why is there so much of it?’

Understanding The Nature Of Detailed

Paper Four:   Using Detailed Data: Every time someone makes a mobile telephone call a wealth of information about the call is created and stored in the Telco Billing systems. Often this data is then stored in huge Data Warehouses where it is analysed for patterns, trends and correlation’s to optimise business processes – most often, sales and marketing

Using Detailed Data


Paper Five: This paper discussed the role of the Data Warehouse and Data Mining in managing, monitoring and predicting credit risk in a Telecommunications compan



Credit Management


Paper Six: This paper was written for and published by TDWI. It describes a methodology for establishing and Data Governance strategy

Launching a Data Governance Initiative – How to…..


A couple of white papers from Michael Meltzer on Internal CRM


CRM Inside Out Take 2 1


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